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Thu Dec 12 21:57:20 GMT 2013

we use system calls for quite a few operations.  It works well in the conte=
xt of our application.  Just be sure to use IPC::System::Simple for proper =
error handling.  I'm fond of using File::Temp and JSON or YAML encoding for=
 shuttling data around different processes, but others may have different i=

On 13/12/2013, at 8:49 AM, Tadhg <tadhg.daley at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
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> I=92m working on an information site for my company using Catalyst, MySQL=
 and am Windows. I=92m looking for guidance on how to produce some reports.=
 I have a DB which I=92m querying for general content/data, but for some re=
ports the information is only available via a CLI, so the question is how s=
hould I query the command line?
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> I=92m guessing this should be done as part the model layer but I=92m unsu=
re of what module to use, google just directs me to how to start the dev se=
rver and I didn=92t see anything on CPAN=92s list of Catalyst Models. Any h=
elp would be appreciated.
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> This is all assuming I don=92t just use back ticks or system, which I ass=
ume is a bad idea as I don=92t want the user waiting 30 seconds for a page =
to load.
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> Or I could just load the page and execute the report via a AJAX call back=
 to Catalyst using the a basic system call=85
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> Regards,
> Tadhg
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