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Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 21:07:18 GMT 2013

From: Tadhg =

  Hi All,

  I=92m trying to deploy a simple Catalyst application for internal users, =
so I don=92t need anything fancy load balancing or proxy servers etc.

  My environment,
  Server: Windows 2003 server 32 bit
  Dev Client: Windows 7 64 bit
  Perl: 5.14.12 32 bit
  Catalyst: 5.90018

  I=92ve had a look at the deployment page on the Catalyst Wiki, which give=
s a good indication of what sould work (though I think some of it may be ou=
t of date). Each option I try leads to a roadblock, so I start down a new p=
ath with the same result.

  My no doubt misguided impressions are, Nginx/Lighttpd have limited win su=
pport, Acache is difficult and so not recommended and IIS needs Apache and =
FastCGI and is therefore doubly complex.

  What I=92d like is somebody to tell me what they have working on windows,=
 or even better what the best/least painful solution is?

  If appropriate I=92ll then update/extend the wiki.


  Apache with mod_perl works fine.

  (Installing mod_perl using ppm)

  Apache configuration is very simple to make a Catalyst app work with it.


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