[Catalyst] Advent wrap-up blog and next steps

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Thanks for letting us know that there was a calendar entry on December 26. =
I didn't know about it.

I read on it:

"The decisions to use Params::Validate and Data::FormValidator were rock-so=
lid. However, they are ageing modules and we would evaluate Module inline d=
eclarations and HTML::FormBuilder if we were starting from scratch now."

I couldn't find any module named HTML::FormBuilder. Could it be CGI::FormBu=

I am wondering because in the last period I've seen recommendations only fo=
r HTML::FormFu and HTML::FormHandler and I thought that it appeared a bette=
r module.


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  Hey All,

  I did a quick blog on Advent 2012, which you can review here (http://jjna=

  In particular be sure to check out any of the late published entries, as =
well as review the list of great articles of Christmas past.  If we are goi=
ng to make that project fly I would need the following assistants:

  1) People willing to update and modernize articles (Ideally would be the =
original author, or people associated with mentioned projects.

  2) Catalyst "Super Experts" willing to act as article Peer reviewers.




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