[Catalyst] Advent wrap-up blog and next steps

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Sorry. Bad proof-reading on my part. I meant HTML::FormHandler.

I was really pleased with Data::FormValidator. We put a wrapper around it to make it a bit easier to re-use regular expressions and it worked a treat. We dismissed HTML::FormHandler as too new (in 2010) without looking at it in much detail. I've heard some good things about it since then, so we would evaluate if we were starting again now. That doesn't mean we would necessarily use it.


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Thanks for letting us know that there was a calendar entry on December 26. I didn't know about it.

I read on it:

"The decisions to use Params::Validate and Data::FormValidator were rock-solid. However, they are ageing modules and we would evaluate Module inline declarations and HTML::FormBuilder if we were starting from scratch now."

I couldn't find any module named HTML::FormBuilder. Could it be CGI::FormBuilder?

I am wondering because in the last period I've seen recommendations only for HTML::FormFu and HTML::FormHandler and I thought that it appeared a better module.

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Hey All,

I did a quick blog on Advent 2012, which you can review here (http://jjnapiorkowski.typepad.com/modern-perl/2013/01/catalyst-advent-wrap-up-and-thoughts.html).

In particular be sure to check out any of the late published entries, as well as review the list of great articles of Christmas past.  If we are going to make that project fly I would need the following assistants:

1) People willing to update and modernize articles (Ideally would be the original author, or people associated with mentioned projects.

2) Catalyst "Super Experts" willing to act as article Peer reviewers.



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