[Catalyst] Problems with $c->req->base on lighttpd deployment (Catalyst 5.9)

Michele Beltrame mb at cattlegrid.info
Sun Jan 20 23:02:32 GMT 2013


> Upon further inspection I noticed that the problem lied in $c->req->base not
> returning the absolute path but instead it returned the relative path.

I had a similar problem in the deployment of a Catalyst application
with Lighttpd.

After some invertigation it looked like the problem was in myapp.psgi,
which contained:

my $app = Myapp->apply_default_middlewares(Myapp->psgi_app);

This applied the default middleware LighttpdScriptNameFix, which
actually seems to break Lighttpd instead of fixing it (if it needed to
be fixed in the first place).
I changed it to:

my $app = Myapp->psgi_app;

and everything worked from then on.

This happened quite some time ago, so I can't tell if
apply_default_middlewares() still breaks something. What I can tell is
that I do not use it and I have the latest Catalyst and it works
perfectly with Lighttpd.


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