AW: [Catalyst] Catalyst I18N::DBI prevent connect at startup

Stefan maillist at
Thu Jun 6 20:36:24 GMT 2013

> Which OS/distribution do you use? If a Linux, do you have upstart jobs or
a SystemV-init-system?

Actually it's Ubuntu 10.04.4. Apache is started by SystemV-Init system
whereas mysql is an upstart script.
As far as I know there is no simple solution to define the dependency that
apache (or any sysvinit script) should start after mysql (any upstart
If both would be of the same type, this would be fairly easy.
Additional discussion on this topic can be found here:
As you can see in the solution posted on Serverfault, it's not quite

Thus I thought that it would be better to tell Catalyst or I18N somehow to
wait for the first Client-Request and THEN connect to mysql, instead of
connecting at startup.


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