[Catalyst] List of Applications using Catalyst

Rob Brown rob at intelcompute.com
Sat Jun 8 17:39:15 GMT 2013

I especially like the list of spam (?) sites/blogs on http://wiki.catalystf=
ramework.org/wiki/sitesrunningcatalyst which don't look very much like Cata=


On 8 Jun 2013, at 00:16, bill hauck wrote:

> Hi.
> =

> Does anyone know of a list of applications that are using Catalyst?  I sa=
w the "sites using Catalyst" on http://www.catalystframework.org/#sites but=
 I'm wondering if there's a list of applications.
> =

> For instance, MojoMojo is a Catalyst-based web app, but I only know that =
because the catalystframework website uses it and links to MojoMojo's site,=
 which details the Catalyst involvment.
> =

> If there's no existing list I think it would be a great addition to the f=
ramework's wiki.  This could help people use all Catalyst-based software, m=
aking maintenance easier as well as sticking with a single language and web=
 framework concept.
> =

> If there is a list maybe we can mirror it on the wiki.  I'll add it if so=
meone can point me to it.
> =

> Thanks,
> =

> bill
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