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On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 1:29 PM, Alejandro Imass
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> > This pre-dates Module::ShareDir.
> >
> So the templates, images (i.e. the /root) are considered shared data?

When I was converting our Catalyst apps to use Dist::Zilla I looked at
changing where Catalyst looks for /root -- just so I could use
Module::ShareDir (supported by Dist::Zilla) and not have to rewrite

I think I had some discussion of these back in July:

In the end I did implement the code to copy in the /root (and other files
and dirs) into blib just like Module::Install::Catalyst does.

And the configuration file should go for example in /etc in Debian and
> /usr/local/etc on FBSD??

We deploy with RPM.

FWIW, this is something we discussed at work quite a bit.  Operations
wanted config in standard location, but we wanted config with the
application.  In general, of our config is more constants that config and
so there's rarely changes to our app config.  Plus, having config with the
app makes it a bit easier to have multiple copies installed.  (In the past
used symlinks to point to live version.)

In other words, the bulk of our config is more like static data, so placing
in share would be ok.

What we did in the end to make the site operations team happy was update
our config system to look in /etc/$app_name/config.yml for an extra config
file that would override (merge with) the app's config.

Our config loads config.yml filrst, then it loads and merges any
mode-specific (i.e. qa, staging, production) config, then finally looks for

Some day we will look more closely at centralized configuration tools --
Puppet and Chef, for example.

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