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Sorry I didn't pick this up a while back. =A0I have been thinking about how=
 to jumpstart the website, but right now I feel like the limited dev resour=
ces would be better used to do bugs and feature development. =A0At some poi=
nt I think we should all figure out how to have a smaller website with more=
 accurate and useful data, something scoped to the actual amount of dev res=
ources we have. =A0But no more thoughts than that right now.

Thanks=A0Octavian =A0--john

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> Hi,
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> I think the content of this page should be changed a little because it is =

> not OK and shows that the Advent Calendar has stopped:
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> http://wiki.catalystframework.org/wiki/adventcalendararticles
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> --Octavian
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