[Catalyst] Using and inter-linking multiple databases: "Can't find source"

will trillich will.trillich at serensoft.com
Tue Oct 15 17:55:28 GMT 2013

In our app we have two databases: Auth and DB. The generalized user/team
credentials and related info are in Auth, and the actual business info for
this app is in DB. Here's an object from the DB database:

package Learn::Schema::DB::Result::TeamEmail;

__PACKAGE__->belongs_to( team =3D> 'Learn::Schema::Auth::Result::Team' );

And now the related object from the Auth database:

package Learn::Schema::Auth::Result::Team;

__PACKAGE__->has_many( emails =3D> 'Learn::Schema::DB::Result::TeamEmail',
'team' );

At this point we expect


to work but instead we get

Can't find source for Learn::Schema::DB::Result::TeamEmail

because TeamEmail isn't in $self->source_registrations (full names) or
$self->class_mappings (brief names) in the DBIx::Class::Schema::source()

Pointers? Clue stick?
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