[Catalyst] Name suggestions for a project management system

bill hauck wbhauck at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 8 01:10:29 GMT 2013


Not exactly a Catalyst question ...

I'm building a Catalyst-based project management system and I'd like to rel=
ease it as open source under the AGPL. =A0However, originally I named it MC=
P after Master Control in Tron. =A0I noticed it's also an operating system =
name from Burroughs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burroughs_MCP). =A0Naming=
 it MCP is probably not a good idea.

So I was thinking of using "TaskMaster". =A0Google shows there's dozens of =
Task Master programs out there ranging from to-do lists and full project ma=
nagement systems.

So, any suggestions?


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