[Catalyst] Perl equivalent to Java PrimeFaces - Reaction...?

Jorge Gonzalez jorge.gonzalez at daikon.es
Mon Dec 8 11:43:27 GMT 2014

Whoa, RapidApp seems very much like what I was searching for.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards

Jorge González Villalonga
Director Técnico

DAIKON Ingeniería de Sistemas S.L.
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El 08/12/14 a las 02:10, John Napiorkowski escribió:
> I believe that the Reaction project founder felt the project did not 
> meet its initial goals a number of years ago and switched to other 
> projects.  I think there's some people doing life support on it that 
> have it on in house apps but I don't think this a project that is 
> moving forward.  Its got a lot a great ideas I think and I am hoping 
> to see some of those trickle down into catalyst is ways varied.
> RapidApp is probably the closet thing to a project along Reaction 
> lines.  I don't know of anything that is doing what Primefaces is 
> trying (and in my opinion mostly failing) to do.  I think what most of 
> us are doing when we have cross UI needs is to build a backend web 
> service and then build the various bits on that (for example a website 
> and an iPhone app could share the same or nearly the same web service. 
>  That way each type of application is coded in the best way instead of 
> trying to build one set of user interface code and have it work for 
> all target UIs.  Personally its not my approach because I find it is 
> not satisfactory but you know your own business needs.
> You might want to see if anyone is doing stuff with XUL, which is a 
> cross target UI built with HTML and so forth that Mozilla uses.   I 
> think its cool stuff but I don't think its caught on beyond the stuff 
> mozilla does.
> best of luck
> jnap
> On Saturday, December 6, 2014 9:00 AM, Jorge Gonzalez 
> <jorge.gonzalez at daikon.es> wrote:
> Hi listers,
> I've been searching lately for a Perl equivalent of Java PrimeFaces.
> For those who do not know about it, it's a layer on top of a basic web
> framework, intended to build web applications with the same concepts
> as Desktop apps, i.e. high level controls (tables, tree lists,
> buttons, forms etc.), heavy AJAX use, and lots of automatic code
> generation for controllers which react to the AJAX events and requests.
> A framework like this for Perl would use Catalyst as a web backend,
> but would be built on top of it as higher level of app development.
> I think Reaction builds on this concept, but:
> a) It has not been updated in 3 years
> b) I have been able to build a basic web app with it, but I haven't
> found a complex example application and UI themes or directions on
> integrating it with client side libraries like jQuery or Bootstrap.
> c) Searching about Reaction on the web gave me really, _really_ poor
> results, which leads me to suppose that there are really no good
> resources appart from the very basic info in the tutorial and the PODs.
> Is Reaction an abandoned project? Are there any Perl Primefaces
> equivalents out there?
> Any ideas?
> Jorge
> -- 
> Jorge Gonzalez
> CTO, DAIKON Ingenieria de Sistemas
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