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John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 8 01:10:25 GMT 2014

I believe that the Reaction project founder felt the project did not meet its initial goals a number of years ago and switched to other projects.  I think there's some people doing life support on it that have it on in house apps but I don't think this a project that is moving forward.  Its got a lot a great ideas I think and I am hoping to see some of those trickle down into catalyst is ways varied.
RapidApp is probably the closet thing to a project along Reaction lines.  I don't know of anything that is doing what Primefaces is trying (and in my opinion mostly failing) to do.  I think what most of us are doing when we have cross UI needs is to build a backend web service and then build the various bits on that (for example a website and an iPhone app could share the same or nearly the same web service.  That way each type of application is coded in the best way instead of trying to build one set of user interface code and have it work for all target UIs.  Personally its not my approach because I find it is not satisfactory but you know your own business needs.
You might want to see if anyone is doing stuff with XUL, which is a cross target UI built with HTML and so forth that Mozilla uses.   I think its cool stuff but I don't think its caught on beyond the stuff mozilla does.
best of luckjnap 

     On Saturday, December 6, 2014 9:00 AM, Jorge Gonzalez <jorge.gonzalez at daikon.es> wrote:

 Hi listers,

I've been searching lately for a Perl equivalent of Java PrimeFaces.  
For those who do not know about it, it's a layer on top of a basic web  
framework, intended to build web applications with the same concepts  
as Desktop apps, i.e. high level controls (tables, tree lists,  
buttons, forms etc.), heavy AJAX use, and lots of automatic code  
generation for controllers which react to the AJAX events and requests.

A framework like this for Perl would use Catalyst as a web backend,  
but would be built on top of it as higher level of app development.

I think Reaction builds on this concept, but:

a) It has not been updated in 3 years

b) I have been able to build a basic web app with it, but I haven't  
found a complex example application and UI themes or directions on  
integrating it with client side libraries like jQuery or Bootstrap.

c) Searching about Reaction on the web gave me really, _really_ poor  
results, which leads me to suppose that there are really no good  
resources appart from the very basic info in the tutorial and the PODs.

Is Reaction an abandoned project? Are there any Perl Primefaces  
equivalents out there?

Any ideas?

Jorge Gonzalez
CTO, DAIKON Ingenieria de Sistemas

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