[Catalyst] Call for Mailing List Community Manager

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 19 18:52:05 GMT 2014

Hey All,
So lately I've not done such a great job of mirroring important announcements like the start of Advent, information about the  current development release (or stable releases, etc.) over to the mailing list. Mostly my time is a bit limited and also I just find that I don't use email as much as I used to.  As a result I end up logging into email just to check the ML now, which is not so frequent where before I'd check it when I was checking my regular email on a daily or several times a day basis.
Although the list is pretty low traffic I think there are likely some of you that cannot log into IRC all the time to keep up with stuff so it would be great if the important things did get announced here.  As a result I am looking for someone to volunteer for 2015 to be the mailing listing community representative.
This is not a big job.  All you need to be is someone that is regular on IRC and willing to monitor my blog and relay the big stuff like releases of catalyst to CPAN, start of Advent (call for submissions, etc.)  You can do more with it if you want but it really could be as few as 10 emails or less a year.  I also don't expect heavy deadlines, just if sometime is announce if it could be relayed here to the ML within a few days that's totally fine.  You can find old release announcements in the ML history and use that for a template.
Ideally there would be two people in case someone is away or possible to take turns so that its less work.  If you are willing to do this for 2015 please let me know.  I'd like to keep the ML abreast of stuff for people that can't hit IRC.  I think its reasonably important.  Thanks!
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