[Catalyst] Feasibility questions ref transition to Catalyst

Denny 2015 at denny.me
Sun Dec 27 18:53:27 GMT 2015

Hi Tom,

On Sun, 2015-12-27 at 06:29 -0600, Tom Browder wrote:
> The host websites are hand-written using some Perl 5 CGI but are
> mostly static.  [...]
> I am considering a move to Catalyst [...]

Why?  If they're static sites, it would make sense to serve them as
static HTML.

> 1.  Is possible to move to Catalyst incrementally?  In other words,
> can I start deploying Catalyst using at least some of my existing
> static code?

You can re-use your static HTML documents as templates and serve them
through Catalyst, but afaics there's not much point unless you're going
to be making them dynamic.

> 2.  Another concern is how the virtual hosts are served by Catalyst.
> Can there be multiple instances of Catalyst, or do I have to do some
> fancy footwork to handle virtual hosts with one instance.

You can definitely run multiple Catalyst applications (or multiple
copies of the same Catalyst application) on a single server using
fastcgi - I have 20 or so ShinyCMS installs on my server.  I haven't
tried the other methods.


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