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Drew Taylor drew at drewtaylor.com
Tue Feb 24 13:21:34 GMT 2015

Hi Luca,

With Catalyst and Plack it's quite easy now to get hosting. You can host
with anyone as long as you can run the catalyst app on a high port and have
a web server (apache, nginx, etc) with proxy or FastCGI support that can
connect to your catalyst app. I'm a fan of Linode and DigitalOcean.


On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 11:00 PM, Luca Ferrari <fluca1978 at infinito.it>

> Hi,
> having a catalyst application, which hosting provider would you
> suggest to use for it?
> I mean, without starting a flame on advertising, is there anything
> providing more support to Perl/Catalyst than others?
> Thanks,
> Luca
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