[Catalyst] Advent Calendar... Grant proposal...

Robert Brown rob at intelcompute.com
Sat Jan 3 22:36:49 GMT 2015

Is this something we can resolve, or simply make better as its install 
process, that maybe needs explaining better?

On 03/01/15 22:26, Lance A. Brown wrote:
> Kieren Diment wrote on 1/3/2015 3:43 PM:
>> 3.  Catalyst used to be hard to install (and catalyst had a lot of
>> influence on improving the cpan toolchain during the relatively early
>> days), but this isn't the case any more, but the perception lingers in
>> places.
> Catalyst isn't nearly as difficult to install these days, but it still
> feels like you're installing most of CPAN in order to get Catalyst.  And
> it still takes a frickin' long time.
> --[Lance]

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