[Catalyst] Rackspace Ubuntu 14.04

Duncan Garland duncan.garland at motortrak.com
Wed May 13 17:16:54 GMT 2015


I've just spun up a Rackspace server with Ubuntu 14.04 and tried to install
Catalyst from CPAN.

If the print out means what it seems to mean, then Catalyst will no longer
install cleanly from CPAN on any version prior to 5.20.

It's saying that there is a dependency on Tie::StdHash and that
Tie::StdHash won't install without force because the latest version of the
module is part of perl-5.20.2.

It won't effect me because I'll just force it or download an older version
of the module.

All the same, it seems a bit poor.

Is it deliberate?



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