[Catalyst] Rackspace Ubuntu 14.04

Robert Brown rob at intelcompute.com
Wed May 13 17:26:40 GMT 2015

Not to answer your actual question, but...

Have you also thought using Perlbrew http://perlbrew.pl

As regular user, you can install any version of Perl locally (to your 
home dir), plus all the modules via cpanm, and keep everything 
self-contained for a particular user.

It's made our deployments a breeze, rather than dealing with the 
system-wide perl, etc.

(There's also local::lib tho I've not delved into that myself).

Hope it helps a little.


On 13/05/15 18:16, Duncan Garland wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just spun up a Rackspace server with Ubuntu 14.04 and tried to 
> install Catalyst from CPAN.
> If the print out means what it seems to mean, then Catalyst will no 
> longer install cleanly from CPAN on any version prior to 5.20.
> It's saying that there is a dependency on Tie::StdHash and that 
> Tie::StdHash won't install without force because the latest version of 
> the module is part of perl-5.20.2.
> It won't effect me because I'll just force it or download an older 
> version of the module.
> All the same, it seems a bit poor.
> Is it deliberate?
> Regards
> Duncan
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