[Catalyst] mod_fastcgi config for a Catalyst app.

Denny 2015 at denny.me
Sun Oct 18 16:25:25 GMT 2015

On Sun, 2015-10-18 at 15:50 +0100, Andrew wrote:
> I still don't know if 
> FastCgiExternalServer /home/gamextra/public_html/GXCatalystTest/script/gxcatalysttest_fastcgi.pl
> ...is just a fictional filename that could be anything, or always has
> to literally point to your fastcgi script in the catalyst app's script
> folder.

Yes, it has to point to the fastcgi script for your application (which
Catalyst helpfully provides, as you've noted).
> Next thing I need to learn:
> If I've used:
> script/gxcatalysttest_fastcgi.pl -l www.game-extra.com:55900
> -p /tmp/myapp.pid
> ...to start the app.
> How does one stop or restart it?

This might not be the best way, but I just use top.  Enter u followed by
the relevant username to narrow down the process list, and look for the
one called perl-fcgi-pm rather than just perl-fcgi.  Then enter k
followed by the process number of the process you just found, and then
hit enter again to accept the default signal (15).


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