[Catalyst] mod_fastcgi config for a Catalyst app.

Andrew catalystgroup at unitedgames.co.uk
Mon Oct 19 12:54:58 GMT 2015

Many thanks on the advice as regards stopping and restarting, =).

I now gather your other bit of advice however, isn't quite the case....
As per the Catalyst Wiki's documentation, the path has to be real, but the
file can be entirely fictional.

I just added lines to the includes file referenced within the virtual host
tag of a subdomain, to also load the same Catalyst app.

I.e. one domain name that runs the app in the browser,
and another domain name's subdomain also running the same app in the
Two urls running one app.

Yet the lines I added to the subdomain's virtual host tag includes file,
caused Apache to fail to restart, if they contained the
path - simply because, the subdomain virtual host, didn't have access to
that path (that's my best guess at least).
So I followed the wiki's advice (must be to a directory that exists and is
readable by the user), and changed it simply to:
...even though there is no gxcatalysttest_fastcgi.pl in that directory
("even though the path must exist, the file is essentially bogus").
And it worked, =).

Got a subdomain on one domain, and the root of another domain, both pointing
to the same web app, =).

Top banana! =)

If the name of the file really doesn't have to be accurate, I'm thinking
next, I might experiment changing .pl to .fcgi since the wiki also warned
Catalyst gets confused otherwise, =S.

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On Sun, 2015-10-18 at 15:50 +0100, Andrew wrote:
> I still don't know if
> FastCgiExternalServer
> ...is just a fictional filename that could be anything, or always has
> to literally point to your fastcgi script in the catalyst app's script
> folder.

Yes, it has to point to the fastcgi script for your application (which
Catalyst helpfully provides, as you've noted).

> Next thing I need to learn:
> If I've used:
> script/gxcatalysttest_fastcgi.pl -l www.game-extra.com:55900
> -p /tmp/myapp.pid
> ...to start the app.
> How does one stop or restart it?

This might not be the best way, but I just use top.  Enter u followed by
the relevant username to narrow down the process list, and look for the
one called perl-fcgi-pm rather than just perl-fcgi.  Then enter k
followed by the process number of the process you just found, and then
hit enter again to accept the default signal (15).


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