[Catalyst] Simple question about "use Catalyst"

Andrew catalystgroup at unitedgames.co.uk
Mon Oct 19 13:21:15 GMT 2015

I ran catalyst.pl to create a new app (at least I think that's how I did it - it was a couple of days back now),
and when I opened the main pm file, near the top was:

use Catalyst::Runtime 5.80;

I'd just installed Catalyst 5.90101 via cpanm, so wasn't sure why 5.80 was written there (for compatibility reasons?),
so as I modify the script to suit my purposes, I've changed it to:

use Catalyst::Runtime 5.90101;

...does it do anything, or make any difference?
What was the significance of 5.80 being written there? 
Should I have left it as it was?

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