[Catalyst] Simple question about "use Catalyst"

David Schmidt davewood at gmx.at
Mon Oct 19 13:46:35 GMT 2015

My guess, it makes sure you run at least v5.80 possibly because older
versions are not supported anymore. I am sure someone will correct me
if I am wrong.


"If the VERSION argument is present between Module and LIST, then the
use will call the VERSION method in class Module with the given
version as an argument. The default VERSION method, inherited from the
UNIVERSAL class, croaks if the given version is larger than the value
of the variable $Module::VERSION"

On 19 October 2015 at 15:21, Andrew <catalystgroup at unitedgames.co.uk> wrote:
> I ran catalyst.pl to create a new app (at least I think that's how I did it
> - it was a couple of days back now),
> and when I opened the main pm file, near the top was:
> use Catalyst::Runtime 5.80;
> I'd just installed Catalyst 5.90101 via cpanm, so wasn't sure why 5.80 was
> written there (for compatibility reasons?),
> so as I modify the script to suit my purposes, I've changed it to:
> use Catalyst::Runtime 5.90101;
> ...does it do anything, or make any difference?
> What was the significance of 5.80 being written there?
> Should I have left it as it was?
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