[Catalyst] soliciting feedback for alternative method attributes syntax

Hartmaier Alexander alexander.hartmaier at t-systems.at
Mon Jan 11 13:30:09 GMT 2016

Hi John,
the first question that came to my mind was: Why is it called At, both the module as well as the method attribute?

The 'Naming your Arguments' section is confusing because it populates a variable named '$id' but uses '$_{id}' for the response.
I understand that you want to show that the args get passed to the sub like in core Catalyst but I'd do that in a second example as the preferred way to do it with this module would be $_{id}.
I'd prefer to use the (experimental) subrouting signature feature of Perl 5.20 than $_{id} which also doesn't have the same API as Perl 5.10 named regex capture patterns ($+{id}).

An example how to allow literal {  and } in a URL should be added (and the feature if that doesn't exist).

The example in 'Matching GET parameters' is incorrect, the full-uri should be'https://fqdn/example/query?name=john;age=47'.
Would it also match any order of the parameters like 'https://fqdn/example/query?age=47;name=john'? I didn't find this in the Catalyst::ActionRole::QueryParameter docs.

That might be a stupid question because I don't know the internal workings but could it be called 'Chained' instead of 'Via' so if someone want's to convert the route matching to this module (s)he doesn't have to rewrite as much?

I think I like the parameter type matching and extraction more than the different syntax but I'm no good measure because I've grown up with Chained ;)

Cheers, Alex

On 2016-01-08 00:41, John Napiorkowski wrote:
Lots of people tell me the hardest thing about catalyst is the method attributes used to describe routes, particularly chaining.  Here's a sketch for an alternative syntax that encompasses chaining along with more simple routes.



Catalyst-ControllerRole-At - Alternative was to describe Catalyst URL matching paths.

View on github.com<https://github.com/jjn1056/Catalyst-ControllerRole-At>

Preview by Yahoo

the SYNOPSIS bit is still WIP so ignore it, but the rest of the docs are proposed final.  There's no code for this yet, just docs, I'm looking for feedback on 'is this easier to understand'.

Critique welcome, if constructive.  I know lots of people don't like the method attribute stuff, but I'm not doing any work on that right now, so constructive critique means not saying you'd prefer something other than method attributes :) I already hear that, but this is something that can layer as sugar on top of the existing work, or even mixed into an existing project.  I'm trying to split the difference between usefully different and alien brains difference.  Thanks


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-- LG Alex

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