[Catalyst] KISS - Base Subroutines.

Martin Thurn martin.thurn at lemon.fish
Fri Jul 15 13:21:38 GMT 2016

Don't bother with the extends stuff.  Just

use MyApp::CommonUse::FileOne;

 - - Martin

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I'd have to look into how to do that, John.

Right now, I've got something working, so I'll continue to build on that.

One problem I have come across with my approach of a CommonUse folder, and .pm files within it,
is when one of the .pm files needs to be used by another.

I thought I could merely have the first file, extending Catalyst::Controller....

BEGIN { extends 'Catalyst::Controller' }

....and the second file, extending the first file:

BEGIN { extends 'MyApp::CommonUse::FileOne' }

...and then the controller that needs to use FileTwo, extending that...

BEGIN { extends 'MyApp::CommonUse::FileTwo' }

Unfortunately, when FileTwo tries to call a subroutine in FileOne, I get:
"Undefined subroutine &MyApp::CommonUse::FileTwo::subroutinename"
If I stop worrying about the BEGIN/extends block, and instead just type: MyApp::CommonUse::FileOne::subroutinename(); it executes fine.

In short:
I've a base controller directory called CommonUse.
There are two files in it.
How can FileTwo use subroutines in FileOne, without typing the explicit package path each time?

Many thanks,


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