[Catalyst] KISS - Base Subroutines.

Andrew catalystgroup at unitedgames.co.uk
Sat Jul 16 00:19:53 GMT 2016

I want to apologise for saying I was having trouble with extends.

When using extends,
$self->subroutinename(); worked fine,
while just subroutinename(); didn't - and that was my hiccup/mistake.
It's now working fine with $self->subroutinename(); to call the subroutine, although I've obviously had to anticipate the first value of @_ now being $self.

I'm new to Modern Perl, so still a bit iffy on things like $self (I know it's an object - and that's it),
so I'm intrigued to hear you mention simply using Use instead of extends.
I was searching through a lot of online tutorials, and all the older ones have use and use base as examples in base controller tutorials,
and the more recent ones mention extends instead.
The Definitive Guide to Catalyst states: "use base 'Catalyst::Controller' and use Moose; extends 'Catalyst Controller' are essentially the same,".
I also found a Catalyst Advent Calendar post (2008, Day 16) mentioning that in previous Catalysts you would use use, whereas in 5.80+ you could use use Moose, and then extends. I guess it's just another option - good to hear a plain old use could work also. KISS, =).


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  Don't bother with the extends stuff.  Just 

  use MyApp::CommonUse::FileOne;

   - - Martin 


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  I'd have to look into how to do that, John.

  Right now, I've got something working, so I'll continue to build on that.

  One problem I have come across with my approach of a CommonUse folder, and .pm files within it,
  is when one of the .pm files needs to be used by another.

  I thought I could merely have the first file, extending Catalyst::Controller....

  BEGIN { extends 'Catalyst::Controller' }

  ....and the second file, extending the first file:

  BEGIN { extends 'MyApp::CommonUse::FileOne' }

  ...and then the controller that needs to use FileTwo, extending that...

  BEGIN { extends 'MyApp::CommonUse::FileTwo' }

  Unfortunately, when FileTwo tries to call a subroutine in FileOne, I get:
  "Undefined subroutine &MyApp::CommonUse::FileTwo::subroutinename"
  If I stop worrying about the BEGIN/extends block, and instead just type: MyApp::CommonUse::FileOne::subroutinename(); it executes fine. 

  In short:
  I've a base controller directory called CommonUse.
  There are two files in it.
  How can FileTwo use subroutines in FileOne, without typing the explicit package path each time?

  Many thanks,



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