[CiderWebmail] Debian packaging and some comments

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Thu Jun 7 11:30:43 GMT 2012


I am right now working on packaging CiderWebmail for Debian, and 
stumbled into these issues:

1.03 is newest release promoted at http://ciderwebmail.org/ - but 
https://github.com/niner/CiderWebmail apparently has a 1.04 prepared 
since a month - anthough not tagged as such.  For Debian I intend to 
package a snapshot of 1.04 (unless you convince me otherwise), but would 
prefer to instead package an official release of 1.04.

CiderWebmail uses MIME::Lite which is discouraged by its author.  I 
recommend you to read the section "Wait!" of that module.  While at it, 
I suggest you to read the last point of section "Benign limitations" 
(because if you really wanted "lite" then you should maybe look at Mouse 
instead of Moose, or even e.g. Dancer instead of Catalyst).

CiderWebmail uses Text::Flowed which is not currently in Debian.  I can 
package that (as I do other dependencies not yet available as Debian 
packages) but I wonder: Last release of that module was in 2001, and the 
much newer Text::Flow claims that all alternatives (at the time of 
writing that, which was 2006 apparently) only handles ASCII.  So perhaps 
instead of me packaging Text::Flowed it might make sense for you to 
switch to Text::Flow or some other even more modern module for that 

CiderWebmail uses Module::Install.  Cool!  I suggest you to consider 
switching to the (in my opinion) even cooler Module::Package::RDF :-)

Please do tell me if you prefer that I instead file bugreports for each 
such issue.  For me, this email was also an excuse to say...

Hi! Exciting work you've done here! I am eager to get rid of that last 
piece of PHP code (HORDE/IMP) on all servers that I am sysadmin for!!!

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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