[DBD-SQLite] DBD::SQLite 1.20 is out, what to do next

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Tue Apr 7 19:41:36 GMT 2009


So I see now that Adam has removed the dev-release version suffix and so 
automated DBD::SQLite installs will be pulling in the latest 1.20.

I will send out a wider announcement momentarily like for 1.19_01, asking again 
for testing.

As for what to do next, my current thoughts are this ...

During the next week or so, the trunk should continue to just have smaller 
updates and bug fixes applied, for issues that people find in 1.20, so that a 
1.21 can then go out which is reasonably production ready.

Any major changes we want to do prior to the bug/minor-only 1.21 goes out should 
be done in a branch or locally.

Then, the very next *major* change in trunk should be substituting in the single 
"amalgamation" version of the SQLite library sources from sqlite.org, perhaps as 
an 1.21_01 release, and also updating the bundled web-fetch utility that updates 
sources from sqlite.org so it grabs the amalgamation, and have people test this.

That amalgamation version should be released as a stable 1.22 before any major 
feature changes or additions to the DBI driver are committed.

Perhaps then wait another week and do a 1.23 with any further minor or bugfixes.

Then after that we can carry on with whatever either major or minor other 
changes, with the amalgamation version then being the relatively stable point of 
departure for future work.

I think I talked with Adam on IRC the other day and AFAIR he agreed with it in 
principle, namely keeping any further major changes separate from and following 
a switch to amalgamation sources.

So anyone have thoughts or comments on this plan?

-- Darren Duncan

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