[DBD-SQLite] DBD::SQLite release schedule

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at strategicdata.com.au
Fri Apr 24 01:35:09 GMT 2009

A brief comment about the DBD::SQLite release schedule, if I may?
Which so far has been:
1.20 - 7 Apr
1.21 - 9 Apr
1.23 - 19 Apr
1.25 - 23 Apr

We are using DBD::SQLite in some commercial applications to do some 
quite heavy lifting, are aware of various problems with the older 
versions, and would love to move to the newer, improved versions..
However by the time I am halfway through testing a new release of 
DBD::SQLite, another version has come out, and at that point I may as 
well restart the testing all over.

Maybe there should be more developer releases and less production 
releases? Or maybe not - it's hard to tell from here.

I suppose what I'd like to know is - what is the roadmap?
I'm on this mailing list, yet there doesn't seem to be any discussion 
about where its going at all. If you have ten minutes a week to keep me 
(and presumably others) up to date, we would appreciate it and find it 

I intended to get more involved with the coding in the new version of 
dbd-sqlite, but it seems you're all powering ahead far faster than I can 
keep up :)

For the record, 1.23 looks fairly good, although there's still a couple 
of cases where it breaks down with the generic SQLITE_MISUSE error that 
I'll report once I can make it happen consistently. (But this isn't a 
regression - older versions were no better.)


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