[DBD-SQLite] Re: [sqlite] ANN - DBD::SQLite version

Stefan Evert stefan.evert at uos.de
Sun Mar 29 17:44:43 BST 2009

Hi Darren,

that's great -- thanks for the effort to bring DBD::SQLite back up to  
date!  I'm not sure where to send my bug reports, so I'll try the new  
DBD::SQLite mailing list.

I'm getting the same "make test" failures as I had previously with  
DBD::SQLite::Amalgamation (while the old DBD::SQLite worked ok), but  
now they happen both on Mac OS X and Debian Linux 64-bit (previously,  
Debian was ok).  The symptoms are the same in both cases:

t/08create_function..... Failed 13/18 subtests


$ perl -Mblib t/08create_function.t
ok 1 - The object isa DBI::db
ok 2 - Got a result
ok 3
ok 4
ok 5
Segmentation fault

The segfault is triggered when the Perl callback function dies.  If I  
comment out the "die" in error():

sub error {
#    die "function is dying: ", @_, "\n";

The test script runs through and only reports two errors because the  
error() callback doesn't work as expected.

For completness' sake, here are the platform details:

1) Mac OS X 10.5.5 on Intel Core 2 Duo, Apple-supplied Perl 5.8.8

2) Debian 5.0 (Lenny) 64-bit on AMD Opteron, standard Debian Perl 5.10.0

As I said previously, I'd be happy to try and help; I am reasonable  
familiar with C and have written some XS code, though I don't know the  
DBI interface at all.

Thanks again & best wishes,

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