[DBD-SQLite] releasing another DBD::SQLite version now

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Tue May 26 04:08:18 GMT 2009

Replying to both Kenichi and Adam,

Thank you for explaining that the non-releases were intentional; I wasn't sure 
if it was just due to not noticing things had changed or due to being too busy.

I want to clarify that what I was proposing really was just another developer 
release, not a stable one.  As you say, those people testing with stable should 
have more time to rest between such releases.

I think if I was nudging a bit, it may have been due to a small difference in 
philosophy; I personally prefer to make releases of my projects more often with 
smaller deltas between them, and if my project were mainly tracking and 
embedding another one, I would release every time they do, so to help users that 
always want the latest, as a CPAN package.

However, I understand your reasoning regarding this particular project, and I 
certainly won't insist on having releases without more compelling reasons than 
for 3.6.14.

So do what you think is best.  At least I know you're watching the updates.

-- Darren Duncan

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