[DBD-SQLite] Re: releasing another DBD::SQLite version now

Adam Kennedy adamkennedybackup at gmail.com
Tue May 26 02:27:51 GMT 2009

Firstly, to answer your previous question Darren, yes I've noticed
your commits. And thank you for taking responsibility for keeping us
synced to sqlite.org.

Each time you've been commiting, I've been checking the release notes
on the SQLite.org site, and their upgrade recommendation for each.

So far there's been nothing that we've needed to do a real release
for, and I figured we wanted more time to keep working on our own
bugs. (Also, no bugs of note have turned up for 1.25, so after all the
changes of the previous few months I wanted to give people a
reasonable window of stability).

However, if anyone wants the current code pushed out to CPAN Testers
at any time, just say the word here or in the commit log and I'll spin
a new dev release for whatever trunk is at that time.

Adam K

2009/5/26 Darren Duncan <darren at darrenduncan.net>:
> Adam,
> I've just updated the bundled SQLite in SVN to, which was announced
> 5 hours ago.
> Would you please cut another DBD::SQLite developer release soon (or stable
> release if it isn't too soon from the last one, considering that some
> developers don't want to do exhaustive retesting frequently)?  The last CPAN
> release had 3.6.13.
> Thank you. -- Darren Duncan

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