[DBD-SQLite] Weird UTF-8 problem

Michael Lackhoff michael at lackhoff.de
Mon Nov 2 17:01:50 GMT 2009

Hi Kenichi,

> I don't think of any big changes that would affect your issue
> (except for renaming "unicode" attribute to "sqlite_unicode"),
> especially if the only difference is the version of DBD::SQLite
> (and its library). Will you try every dev version between 1.25
> and 1.26_06 to narrow down and see which version did it actually,
> and also see if the lost always happens with the previous versions?

I will check the 1.26 dev versions.

> As for the second question, I hope so but we definitely need more
> tests, especially for the new and fixed features (foreign keys and
> other virtual table issues, various errors revealed recently,
> transaction and rollback, etc), and more feedback by other players
> including DBIC. I've been trying to convert some of the tests for
> the sqlite library itself with limited success, but anyway, adding
> some tests would help us much.

It is great to see how committed you and the other contributors are to
excellent code quality. What you have achieved already is amazing! Just
wanted to say thanks for your great work.


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