[DBD-SQLite] Removing the on-by-default referential integrity.

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Wed Nov 4 05:28:59 GMT 2009

Kenichi Ishigaki wrote:
> Our tests are hardly thorough and complete, and while I tried
> to write a test for foreign keys, I was hit by a weird bug
> that suggested the internal sqlite3 object and the DBI/DBD::SQLite
> handle objects were holding different statuses; the same statement
> works fine when issued one by one with do, and fails with consecutive
> executes. This may not be a showstopper, but is certainly annoying.
> (I haven't added the test yet, thoguh. I don't want it to be disabled
> again like the one I added just before 1.26_05).
> Anyway, I agree to comment out the pragma to turn off the default
> foreign keys support tentatively. But I do insist we should wait
> at least for two weeks, until the sqlite team release the next
> monthly update.

If you mean we should wait 2 weeks and then issue the 1.27-stable as soon as 
SQLite 3.6.20 comes out and include that, for the main reason that this would 
include the first batch of fixes (if any) to SQLite itself following its 
foreign-keys major update, then that sounds reasonable, so our testers of 
foreign keys get those fixes.  Especially relevant if the changes to add foreign 
key enforcement might have broken something unrelated to foreign keys.  But we 
should wait no longer than 3.6.20 to issue our own stable release.  And our 
stable would have foreign keys disabled by default. -- Darren Duncan

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