[DBD-SQLite] Re: SQLite 3.6.19 adds foreign keys support

Adam Kennedy adam at ali.as
Thu Oct 15 04:05:07 GMT 2009

Released and uploaded as:


Adam K

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 1:54 PM, Darren Duncan <darren at darrenduncan.net> wrote:
> As described at http://sqlite.org/foreignkeys.html , today's SQLite 3.6.19
> adds foreign key support to SQLite, something long awaited by some people.
> This version is already in the DBD::SQLite repository, seeming within hours
> of its sqlite.org release, thanks to the quick action of ISHIGAKI.
> Given the anticipated high demand for this feature, and to give people more
> testing time, I recommend that another developer release of DBD::SQLite go
> out to CPAN as soon as possible.
> The way I see it, the only possible holdup right now is the newly added
> failing test t/rt_50503_fts3.t .
> If it is easy enough to fix the bug that exposes, great.  But if not, I
> suggest temporarily making it a TODO test so DBD::SQLite can ship, and then
> change it back to a failing test.
> -- Darren Duncan

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