[DBD-SQLite] added support for FTS3

Dami Laurent (PJ) laurent.dami at justice.ge.ch
Tue Jul 13 06:30:51 GMT 2010

Hi all,

For info : I just committed a number of additions for better support of
FTS3 fulltext searches within DBD::SQLite; in particular, adding hooks
for tokenizers written in Perl, adding documentation and tests.

I changed the compilation flag to use -DSQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_PARENTHESIS
(recommanded by the SQLite team for new applications), and added the
following note into the documentation :

B<Incompatible change> : 
starting from version 1.31, C<DBD::SQLite> uses the new, recommended
"Enhanced Query Syntax" for binary set operators (AND, OR, NOT, possibly

nested with parenthesis). Previous versions of C<DBD::SQLite> used the
"Standard Query Syntax" (see
Unfortunately this is a compilation switch, so it cannot be tuned
at runtime; however, since FTS3 was never advertised in versions prior
to 1.31, the change should be invisible to the vast majority of 
C<DBD::SQLite> users. If, however, there are any applications
that nevertheless were built using the "Standard Query" syntax,
they have to be migrated; but the conversion 
function provided in in L<DBD::SQLite::FTS3Transitional>
is there to help.

All of this is committed directly into trunk; I hope this is OK with the
current release plan.

Best regards, Laurent Dami

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