[DBD-SQLite] added support for FTS3

Stefan Evert stefanML at collocations.de
Tue Jul 13 13:19:02 GMT 2010

> For info : I just committed a number of additions for better support of FTS3 fulltext searches within DBD::SQLite; in particular, adding hooks for tokenizers written in Perl, adding documentation and tests.

That's great!  I'm very interested in playing around with FTS3 from Perl -- thanks for the additions.

However, a SVN checkout fails "make test" miserably. After some aimless debugging, I believe this is due to the fact that perl_tokenizer_Open() in dbdimp.c calls newSVpvn_flags() without making sure that the function is properly declared.


	#define NEED_newSVpvn_flags

at the top of


solves the problem for me, and almost all tests pass.


PS: This is where the tests still fail --

> t/rt_44891_strings_look_like_numbers.t ... # requires sqlite3 executable for extra tests
> t/rt_44891_strings_look_like_numbers.t ... Failed 681/829 subtests 

Lots of failures of the form "got: +1.0 expected: +1.0", and then "Abort trap" after 148 subtests.

PPS: It would be nice if there were an easy way to test FTS3 support in DBD::SQLite without having to install unreleased modules (tokenizer and unaccenter) by hand. Will these be available in regular CPAN soon, so one can just do "install Search::Tokenizer"? Or could the tests use a standard tokenizer module instead?

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