[DBD-SQLite] added support for FTS3

Kenichi Ishigaki kishigaki at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 01:05:59 GMT 2010

Hi, I just svn-updated and tried to compile the latest trunk
but failed with a series of syntax errors. It looks like
there's something more to add for older perl (I'll look into
it further later; I must be leaving now).

Stefan, would you send me (or to the list) the result of
"prove -bvw t/rt_44891_string_looks_like_numbers.t", with
your sqlite3 executable version?

I haven't written in Changes yet but I was trying to fix
the lingering string-looks-like-numbers issue where 
DBD::SQLite treated everything as text and quoted (unless
you explicitly use bind_params). I've listed the known
issues in t/rt_44891_string_looks_like_numbers.t. If you
think of any number/text that would be apt to change
and break things, please add it to the @value array, and/or



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