[DBD-SQLite] Question on ORLite -- no way to update a record?

Michael Lackhoff michael at lackhoff.de
Fri Oct 15 14:42:47 GMT 2010


I know my question is not strictly about DBD::SQLite but hopefully close

ORLite seems like a good way to do the processing at hand and everything
went very well as long as I was inserting but I felt very stupid when I
couldn't find a method to update/save a row/record.

ORLite even has an iterator so I used it to select the records I have to
update, then within the sub:
$_->somefield('a new value');
but then none of these worked:
$_->update; # no such method
$_->save; # no such method
$_->base->do('update mytable ...'); # database locked

Is there really no way to update a record? Even a grep for 'update' in
the source doesn't return any result. On the other hand I cannot believe
that such a well thought out module doesn't have a way to update. I
guess I could get away with the last variant (do) if I also do not use
the iterator but since I have really a lot of records I would like to
use the iterator.

Any ideas?


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