[DBD-SQLite] Re: Perl 5.13.3+ MAY BREAK COMPILED DRIVERS - Please test DBI 1.613_71!

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Mon Sep 6 20:51:30 GMT 2010

Darren Duncan wrote:
> * DBD-SQLite-1.30_05 *does* #define PERL_POLLUTE, once in SQLiteXS.h
> Obviously, then, DBD::SQLite will need an update to fix this problem, 
> though it sounds like the fix should be some relatively simple symbol 
> renaming.
> I could probably do this, but not until at least a few days from now 
> when I have more time to do that *and* test it.

So I got around to looking at this yesterday, and found that nothing actually 
needs to be done.  DBD::SQLite is already fine for Perl 5.13.x+ compatibility, 
it seems, as far as PERL_POLLUTE goes.  A separate email explaining this was 
sent to dbi-dev yesterday and replied to by Tim.

Adam, you may want to release a 1.30_06 since ISHIGAKI fixed a memory leak and 
there's a chance the fix may have side-effects, though it is simple.  Or you can 
trust and go to 1.31, your call.  Trunk has no other changes from 1.30_05 I think.

-- Darren Duncan

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