[Dbix-class] Re: Refactoring Tangram::Expr and Tangram::Relational::Engine - looking for a SQL AST module

Todd Hepler thepler at watson.wustl.edu
Mon Aug 1 20:54:38 CEST 2005

Darren Duncan wrote:
> 4. Anyone, even you, is welcome to make a different Rosetta::Engine::* 
> module that does this better.
> An Engine can do whatever it wants to satisfy the user request.  Even 
> use LWP or MyApp::File or whatever, instead of a SQL database.  That 
> last one's looking at you, Todd Hepler.

Excellent!  I'll have another look at Rosetta.  My impression from when 
I read through it some months ago echos comments I've seen from others. 
  I remember thinking "long learning curve" and "rigorous is an 
understatement" but nonetheless it looked promising.  I'm curious to see 
it used by some other modules behind the scenes, and I'm glad to see 
some cross-project discussion.


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