[Dbix-class] might_have support added, relationships refactored, happy birthday

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Tue Aug 2 15:32:04 CEST 2005

Happy Birthday to DBIx::Class, which is two weeks old today!

If anybody was wondering whether or not they should have a go with it,
I'd point to us now passing (with a small number of skips) -

matthewt at mccoy:DBIx-Class$ ls t/cdbi-t/
01-columns.t      08-inheritcols.t  14-might_have.t  21-iterator.t
02-Film.t         09-has_many.t     15-accessor.t    98-failure.t
03-subclassing.t  11-triggers.t     16-reserved.t
04-lazy.t         12-filter.t       18-has_a.t
06-hasa.t         13-constraint.t   19-set_sql.t

with the Class::DBI compat API ;)

And now, on to the latest changes (anybody fancy writing a Changes file? :)

Relationship.pm now has


to manipulate related classes and


to manipulate ourselves when setting related objects.

I could really do with lots more tests for these - there're probably all
sorts of lovely corner case bugs I haven't thought of.

Plus we're now passing 14-might_have.t :)

The only things left in base cdbi that the compat layer doesn't support now are:

- sequences (but see ::PK::Auto and ::PK::Auto::SQLite for how this can be done)
- Class::DBI::Query (has anybody ever used this?)
- column objects (whose sole purpose in life seems to be to fail to stringify improperly at unexpected moments)
- the meta_info API

I'm aware that lots of you really, really need sequences but going back to
IANADBA I don't actually have anything except MySQL and SQLite handy to test

A couple failing tests and a connection to a postgres db would be enough for
me to do it, or maybe one of you lot fancies having a go?

meta_info would be nice, but I'm going to have to do Real Work for at least
a while now and I reckon we need docs even more. the other two I really
don't care about right now - consider them "Status: Patches Welcome"

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