[Dbix-class] retrieve_from_sql

Krzysztof Krzyzaniak eloy at kofeina.net
Thu Aug 4 16:34:18 CEST 2005

David Naughton wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 04, 2005 at 01:28:01PM +0200, Krzysztof Krzyzaniak wrote:
>>Matt S Trout wrote:
>>>>Seriously, I can do even more: if you prefer a more formal approach, I
>>>>can supply also some quite complete SQL grammar definition files, that
>>>>can provide a good reference to check if some SQL construct is not
>>>In that direction you might be better off looking at Darren Duncan's
>>>Rosetta + SQL::Routine code; he's already gone the formal grammar approach
>>>so we're likely to use that for an implementation at some stage.
>>Fix me if am I wrong. I wonder if any of abstract sql modules support 
>>functions (builded or defined by user) - I mean something like "SELECT 
>>function1(field), function2(field) WHERE function3(field) = NULL;
> English lesson of the day: 
> When we neuter a pet, we say he's been "fixed". Therefore, I really
> doubt that you want us to "fix" you if you're wrong. ;^) Say "correct me
> if I'm wrong" instead.

Ok, but ad rem?


p.s. latin lesson of the day: "ad rem - do rzeczy", polish lesson of the 
day: "do rzeczy - to the point"
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