[Dbix-class] Patch to Intro.pod

Adam Jacob adam at stalecoffee.org
Sat Jun 3 08:56:48 CEST 2006

mst and I had a conversation on IRC earlier today, wherein I was  
complimenting DBIx::Class's ResultSet approach.  It took a good bit  
of experimenting to wrap my head around, but I'm totally sold on it now.

He mentioned that it would be helpful to see if I could find a way to  
distill that for the documentation, and attached is my attempt to do  
so.  I've added section to the top of  DBIx::Class::Manual::Intro,  
titled "The DBIx::Class Way".

The intent is to put in front of perspective users, right away,  
exactly how DBIx::Class want's you to think about dealing with your  
Database.  Things I covered:

* Tables become ResultSources
    A ResultSource == Table

* It's all about the ResultSet
    Any time you would reach for a SQL query in DBI, you are creating a

* Search is like "prepare"
    Setting up a ResultSet does not execute the query; retrieving the  
data does.

The patch is attached; hope it helps.  (And that we add more simple  
principles to the Intro!)


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