[Dbix-class] Class::DBI vs DBIx and CDBICompat

Steven Mackenzie dbix at aptile.co.uk
Sat Jun 24 13:57:39 CEST 2006

Nilson Santos Figueiredo Junior wrote:

>On 6/23/06, Matt S Trout <dbix-class at trout.me.uk> wrote:
>>Get 0.06003 from CPAN. ActiveState can't package for shit.
>Note that the reason why 0.06003 (and 0.06002, don't know about
>0.06001) probably isn't available as a PPM package is because there
>are failing test cases (in t\cdbi-t\02-Film). So, even if he got it
>from the CPAN, it would still require a forced install.
Thanks for the heads-up. Current Active State Perl does install a
working CPAN shell, and so I have 0.6003 forced in now.

>ActiveState packages the latest module version which has no failing
>tests, hence, 0.06003 will never be available from them. This is a
>reasonable policy since PPM packages are expected to work and not just
>be a fancy different way of distributing Perl modules.
You can find the DBIx::Class automated build output for each Active
State package and platform here:

So this link has the test output for 0.6003 on Win32:

However, that long error output looks nothing like my CPAN report which
was  just
t\cdbi-t\02-Film....................NOK 67#   Failed test 'No warnings
so far'
#   in t\cdbi-t\02-Film.t at line 247.
#          got: '2'
#     expected: '0'
t\cdbi-t\02-Film....................NOK 68#   Failed test 'DESTROY
without update warns'
#   in t\cdbi-t\02-Film.t at line 250.
#          got: '3'
#     expected: '1'

Could the difference in error output be because Active State build all
their 5.8.X series modules with Perl 5.8.0?

Just in case anyone is interested :-)


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