[Dbix-class] helperrels vs basicrels

Paul Makepeace lists.rawmode.org at paulm.com
Sun May 14 16:37:21 CEST 2006

Je 2006-05-14 09:54:31 +0100, Aran Deltac skribis:
> I've been working on writing a Manual POD about how testing works in
> DBIC.  The introduction of the document describes the reasoning:
> "Too many times I have heard on the mailing list and the #dbix-class
> IRC channel that people don't understand how the DBIx::Class testing
> framework works.  To be honest I was a bit perturbed myself the first
> time I tried to wade in to it.

I'd say, drop this completely. It doesn't add anything to the docs
besides a personal history.

> The goal of this document is to give
> an overview of how the framework is setup, how you can add your own
> tests, and how you can apply a similar framework to your own
> distributions that use DBIx::Class."

This however would be an excellent first para :)


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