[Dbix-class] Ordered.pm patch

Brian Kirkbride brian.kirkbride at deeperbydesign.com
Sun Nov 12 18:41:30 GMT 2006

Neil de Carteret wrote:
> The following patch against the trunk allows DBIC::Ordered to group
> across more than one column, and updates the position column of all
> affected rows when items move between groups. See pod comments for
> details :D
> It also includes a test file to cover the new bits and some changes to
> the test schema to accommodate it (adding a new table).
> If these changes to the test schema aren't welcome, let me know and
> I'll try and work with what's already there.  Oh yeah, and apologies
> in advance if there's anything massively retarded in here, but it
> tests okay.
> Neil de Carteret

Check out the DBIx-Class-ordered_handle_updates branch in SVN, it does something 
very similar.  At the time there was a release pending and the author of Ordered 
was not available.  Maybe now is a good time to bring this up again?

Aran? MST?


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