[Dbix-class] JOIN question

Bernhard Graf dbic2 at augensalat.de
Tue Nov 28 17:16:26 GMT 2006

/me wrote:

> Anthony Hinsinger wrote:
> > { table1.key => { '!=' => table2.key } }

> Anthony, you are right.

Sorry Anthony, I must correct myself - you are not right.

The above form indeed fails to build a working SQL query, but if it 
would, it would probably not do what you want, because "table2.key" 
would be inserted verbatim:

  table1.key != "table2.key"

> For the moment { 'table1.key' => \'!=table2.key' } does the job.

So this is actually the only valid way to compare two fields in the 

The question still is how to modify the code to support constant values 
to express something like

  { 'table1.key' => \'!=table2.key', 'table1.maximum => {'<', 23}}

that should result in

  table1.key != table2.key AND table1.maximum < "23"
Bernhard Graf

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