[Dbix-class] mk_classaccessor in 0.8003

Ben Staude sben1783 at yahoo.de
Wed Jul 18 18:39:40 GMT 2007

Am Mittwoch 18 Juli 2007 19:26 schrieb Ben Staude:


> Making a patch for this unfortunately is far beyond my horizon. Has it at
> all been intended to have mk_classaccessor in ::Storage::Statistics? If
> not, what's the recommonded way to store class data (effectivly, I collect
> the executed sql statements as class data for logging)?

Ooops, I just found that's not true... I use it for per-object, not class 
data. But still, what to use instead of mk_classaccessor? Can I safely use 
$self->{my_data} on a ::Storage::Statistics object?


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