[Dbix-class] FW: DBIC and Informix

Robert Carew Robert.Carew at topazsolutions.co.nz
Wed Sep 12 22:26:48 GMT 2007

Sorry for the delay in responding. I would be interested in helping out wit=
h the Informix aspects of DBIC but I have never participated in this type o=
f project before so I am not quite sure what is involved. Is there a web pa=
ge somewhere that explains all this. what version control system are you us=
ing. I am familiar with TLA and Sub-Version but not really with CVS. Perhap=
s we could take this offline.
I am having problems with DBIC, Informix and lvarchars but I suspect this i=
s a known problem with the Informix drivers and 32 bit Linux (Ubuntu in my =
case). I may need to override s method somewhere.

Also I made a stupid error of misspelling a column name which caused Cataly=
st do do strange things but there was no error message in the log from DBIC=
, perhaps it was being supressed somewhere. Any clues?


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On Wed, Sep 05, 2007 at 12:49:17PM +1200, Robert Carew wrote:
> Hi
> =

> Thanks Matt, almost right. The following works:
> =

> __PACKAGE__->mk_group_accessors('simple' =3D> '__last_insert_id');
> =

> sub _dbh_execute {
>   my ($self, $type, @args) =3D @_;
>   my ($rv, $sth, @rest) =3D $self->next::method($type, @args);
>   if ($args[0] eq 'insert') {
>     $self->__last_insert_id($sth->{ix_sqlerrd}[1]);
>   }
>   return (wantarray ? ($rv, $sth, @rest) : $rv);
> }
> =

> sub last_insert_id {
>   shift->__last_insert_id;
> }
> =

> using $args[0] rather than $type, $type is DBI::db hash.
> =

> I now need to try and understand what exactly is happening here.

Damnit, $type is shifted over one in the _dbh_execute as opposed to _execut=
my mistake.

Chuck me an htpasswd line and I'll get you a branch so you can commit this
and update as required; we're here for any questions but as the guy with the
Informix system I'd rather you take point on the commits if you're willing;
once you're happy it's working for you we'll get it into a release.

Sound good?

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